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Dawson Lodge - A Home for Right Now

Dawson Lodge is the first project in the Yukon Spaces family. It is our baby, the product of love, hard work and some would argue alcohol and bad choices. But bad choices make great stories and that's what we have created, a great story with what we hope is a great outcome for our guests and our community. 

About Dawson Lodge

We believe in our responsibility to the environment and all that exists within it. We are privileged to live in the Yukon, with all the wonders these lands hold and we are lucky to have the chance to live in a world so full of wonder that inquisitive minds for millennia have sought to understand it better. We strive to limit our impact on natural resources both locally and globally and try to balance this with the needs of a successful business in a competitive market. Where possible and hopefully with increasing success, by working closely with our neighbours, we are able to deliver both socially and environmentally responsible solutions. The aim, to produce less environmental impact than similar businesses and support socially responsible business practices that improves our local economy.

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Dawson Lodge has 10 ensuite bedrooms with:

  • Queen size bed

  • Rain shower

  • Tea and coffee

  • Fridge

  • Vegan and environmentally sustainable cosmetic products

  • Keyless entry (with your own unique entry code that works only during your stay)

  • Security cameras in public areas

  • Parking available on site

  • WiFi

  • LED TV

  • In room temperature control with central HEPA filtered ventilation


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