What's in a room?

We think our rooms are pretty special, even though we don't want you to spend too much time in them, you should be out exploring!

The Beds

You will sleep on a hi-tech, Canadian engineered and made mattress from Logan and Cove. You get the best of individual pocket coiled springs, stabilising and supportive foam on top and to the sides of the mattress with 4 layers of memory foam and cooling gel foam all inside a highly breathable fabric cover made from eucalyptus fibres and a bedbug, allergen proof breathable soft microfiber mattress protector.

The mattress is only part of the picture... you'll be sleeping on locally custom made bed frames with power for all your gadgets built right into the side of the bed. 

And the sheets... laundered in hypoallergenic, organic, vegan laundry detergent and naturally softened with bamboo fiber dryer balls. 

The Products

We use only products sourced from plants and ones that are environmentally safe. Carina Organics supply the body wash/shampoo, conditioner and hand soap in your bathroom. All cleaning products used in Dawson Lodge come from Sapadilla. You can join us in promoting the use of these types of products by purchasing your own for use at home.

The Amenities

Rain shower - check!

Coffee maker with some amazing coffee choices - check!

Kettle for everyone who prefers tea (and some awesome tea to go with it) - check!

A fridge, because who likes warm beer? - check!

Extra pillows of different levels of firmness - check!

Individual temperature control in the rooms to supplement the freshest indoor air in town - check!

Smart locks with secure key-codes so only the people you choose to be in your room can get in - check!

32 inch LCD HDTV, low energy and great picture (don't watch it too much, there's lots to explore) - check!