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Our People | Our Values

Our values shape us as individuals and it takes a bunch of individuals to make a team. At Yukon Spaces we have shared values and beliefs. Quality is central to everything we do; this page gives you a flavour of the things we think are essential to achieve quality.

Business has a responsibility to the world it exists in

We believe in our responsibility to the environment and all that exists within it. We are privileged to live in the Yukon on the traditional territory of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in with all the wonders these lands hold. We are lucky to have the chance to live in a world so full of wonder that inquisitive minds for millennia have sought to understand it better. We strive to limit our impact on natural resources both locally and globally and try to balance this with the needs of a successful business in a competitive market. Where possible and hopefully with increasing success, by working closely with our neighbours, we are able to deliver both socially and environmentally responsible solutions. The aim: to produce less environmental impact than our competition and support socially responsible business practices that improve our local economy.

Open and honest approach to business benefits everyone

We believe that by being transparent with our financial plan and the profits we generate, those who work with us and use our services will have insight into our values. This translates to our pricing structures, procurement practices and business investments. If we do well, others can see how; if we don’t do so well, others can learn from this at the same time we do. Sharing knowledge and experience can only be a benefit.

Our operations are focussed on the realities of those we work with

We believe that governance and operational decision-making should be done by the people working at the front line. They know what customers want and need because they interact directly. Our organisation will never have managers; just people who want to do the best they can for others and are empowered to do that. 

Our team is our business

We believe that strategic decisions should be made by the whole team. The big decisions: add more hotel rooms, build a low cost housing unit or a commercial restaurant space, explore opportunities in other communities, pay off mortgages early or invest in an employee benefit scheme? These decisions will be taken only with 100% agreement from the whole team, with all of the information they need to make those decisions.

Work should be fun

We believe that work should be something fulfilling and enjoyable, that’s why we encourage fancy dress, silly games and laughter. We want those we work with to share in that sense of fun, whether it’s during our interactions or in our endeavours. No matter how serious things seem like they should be, life is short and we should strive to see a little bit of silliness every day.

Making money doesn’t have to be at the expense of others

We believe in sharing our success with those who help to build it. That means our team, our customers, our local suppliers and our other stakeholders should all benefit from our ‘existence’. Net profits will be distributed back via discounts or rebates for customers and profit share schemes for the team or reinvested in the development of the business for the benefit of everyone. Our team chooses what happens!

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