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Yukon Spa: A space for wellness

At Yukon Spa we are committed to your holistic health and wellbeing. We look for ways to integrate traditional western healthcare with treatments, therapies and experiences that enhance your feelings of wellbeing and treat you in a truly holistic way.

The list below is a start... click on any treatment to be taken to our booking page for the complete list of what we have an offer right now.

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This style of massage is not delivered nay an RMT, so we can't work with extended health benefits, however we can give you a therapeutic experience that will focus on helping you to heal. Whether it's a sports injury or a long term illness, chat with us about how massage can improve your daily life. 


We do facials... but we do them a little differently sometimes. As well as spa aestheticians, we also have the ability to deliver high quality advanced clinical facials. Either a Nurse with specialisation in skin care or an advanced medical aesthetician will deliver everything from hydrodermabrasion to laser and micro needling to treat your skin health concerns. 


Our nail artist has a passion and the creativity to go alongside that passion. Nail art can be a standalone service or integrated with care of the feet and hands to ensure that you have healthy skin and nails on which the artist can work her magic.


Laser skin care is something that can be used to target problems with hyperpigmentation, vascular lesions, skin laxity, skin dullness, acne and old scarring. With IPL and NdYag laser technology at our disposal, we can select the most appropriate treatment strategy to help you get the improvements you are looking for. 


Care of the skin and nails of the feet and hands is important. We put these parts of our body under a lot of pressure and rarely treat them to the care they deserve. Our registered nurse will undertake an assessment of the condition of your hands or feet and provide both treatments and care plans for how best to manage your health needs.


Acupuncture at Yukon Spa is delivered by a registered nurse trained in acupuncture. He is not a traditional Chinese medical practitioner, but he integrates western understanding of health and wellness with this traditional healing and wellness practice to help support the management of disease, disorder and dysfunction of both physical and mental health needs. 

Nothing but incredible service every time


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