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From little acorns...

Ok, so we're not arborists and can't claim to be able to cultivate mighty oak trees from little acorns; honestly, between us, we probably don't have one green thumb to work with. But what we do have is a vision, an absence of fear and a drive to do good things. Our first little acorn is Dawson Lodge.

Dawson Lodge on the day that Yukon Spaces takes ownership
Day 1 of the journey toward becoming Dawson Lodge

While it might look like something out of Bates Motel, or the setting for some other creepy slasher or creepy pervert movie, room 305 is the site of a rebirth. Dawson Lodge, formerly the annexe building to the Midnight Sun Hotel, will be transformed.

Room 305
Room 305: Doorway to a hell dimensions or the entrance to the most comfortable room in Dawson City?

As you step through the door, it is currently not inspiring as a place to stay. Most people would see the long boarded room, turn tail and run away. In its prime however, this building and its rooms were a welcome site of rest to recover from all that Dawson has to offer. We intend to bring it back to life.

Instead of a tired, boarded up building we saw a retired building that was desperate to work again, to fulfil its purpose of providing a warm, comfortable and safe space for the guests that Dawson invites with open arms all year round.

Dawson Lodge front elevation

We saw a pretty little gem glinting in the light, right in the downtown core. We're on a journey with this piece of Dawson history and by the summer 2019, it will be providing comfort and rest for all the weary travellers, party people, visiting friends and families and the great explorers that are drawn to our little spot of paradise in the north.

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