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The Yukon Spa Team

Last month we told you something was coming. For those of you out there who have experienced our small spa offering, you’ll know this is something we’ve been doing on a small scale since 2021. We’ve kept it pretty low key as we develop our services and slowly build our passionate local service users.

Since 2021, Mike and Lee have been providing a range of aesthetic treatments, including advanced aesthetics and skin care treatments including laser therapies, microneedling and hydrodermabrasion as well as fat reduction and skin tightening treatments. They’ve also been providing Raynor Naturopathic Massage treatments for a range of different needs including relaxation and care for specific musculoskeletal conditions. These are treatments and services that are being provided right now out of the po-up space at Dawson Lodge. In addition to specialist training in advanced medical aesthetics and Raynor massage techniques, both practitioners are from a healthcare background: Mike trained as a nurse specialist in skin, wound, ostomy, foot care and vascular care and Lee is a practicing paramedic. They are both very attentive and sensitive to the patients physical, psychological and social care needs.

Mike has been putting his nursing skills to good use, providing skin and nail care for feet and hands in the context of both physical health and the psychological heath that comes with having these things cared for. Think of a Mani/Pedi with a difference, offered by a professional who can provide you with a holistic approach whilst painting your nails. We all love getting our nails painted, however our approach is somewhat different and whilst being pampered we can provide you with health interventions and education to support your whole wellbeing. We are also expanding our treatments to offer advanced foot care such as ingrown nail conditions, cosmetic nail reconstruction and treatment for a range of nail health conditions all of which will be available this summer.

However….before this, we will have nail art! We are thinking jewels, decorative adornments, custom built nail extensions and glossy polish.

A perfectly polished nail makes us feel instantly more chic, pulled together and confident. To appreciate a fabulous blow dry or the results of a facial you have to look in the mirror; yet to reap the benefits of a manicure you simply have to glance down at your hands. Whether you are in need of a quick fix or want something a little more indulgent we can create something to suit you.

We are very excited to announce that our team member Sherry will be integrating her artistic skills at our Spa, and although Sherry is responsible for the hotel operation and housekeeping her desire to make things pretty cannot be contained no more, and she will soon be expanding her role ready to take on some duties at Yukon Spa.

Yukon Spa is a part of Yukon Spaces, as such we have the benefit of the whole of the Yukon Spaces team. This is a dedicated, creative and resilient team who have been working hard to ensure that Dawson Lodge continues to do its thing at the same time all of the strategy, research and development work has been progressing to expand our offer. Soon we’ll be looking to start meeting people who are interested in joining the team for next year… or perhaps earlier.

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