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Yukon Spa

In January 2023, we were delighted to receive news of approval for loan from the Canadian Northern Development Agency (CanNor). This allowed us to get the ball rolling on the Yukon Spa project in a very tangible way. This image gives you a glimpse of the exterior and clues as to what will be inside.

Our construction company have been selected and we are working hard to get things going for a grand opening of May 2024. Pocket House are an awesome team of experts construction specialists from a wide range of fields and with a ton of experience in off-site construction. In addition to modular homes and park homes, they have had some great commercial properties. Now we aim to add Yukon Spa to that list. The building will be constructed in a warehouse outside of Edmonton, Alberta. 6 massive trucks will then haul the building in pieces, fully finished and furnished and ready to connect together. After arriving on-site in Dawson City at the start of March, the building will be fully constructed in about 10 days and fully functional within a month.

We're keeping some of our signature features and services under wraps for now, but over coming weeks and months we will be hosting some gatherings to start sharing our plans more fully. What I can share right now though... there will be a cafe, there will be treatment rooms and there will be day spa amenities.

For this year, Yukon Spa will continue to provide services from its temporary home in Dawson Lodge and spa treatments can be booked online by visiting the Yukon Spa page on the main Yukon Spaces website. We are still offering Raynor Naturopathic Massage, Dermalogica Clinical Facials and now, basic nursing nail care (think manicure and pedicure) and nail art. For anyone who books treatments before the 31st of May 2023, we're giving a 20% discount on all Dermalogica skin care products, including an at home progressive chemical peel pack. Just tell us you saw our blog post.

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