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It almost looks like we're winning!

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

This last few of weeks have been crazy kinds of busy for Riley and the construction team. We now have a level building with beautiful new Jenga blocks (please don't come and try to play Jenga with our building, it won't end well for anyone) keeping the building off the ground (you can see an old vs new picture below). Where there was once a big step in the middle of the building, there is now a nice even floor that all sits straight. When we put a pen down on the ground, we no longer have to catch it as it rolls away. All of a sudden, the doors fit the holes they belong to (well most of them anyway). The hallway doesn't look like an optical illusion or a piece of abstract art. The building is starting to take the shape we want it to be. It's soon going to look like the #DawsonLodge we've been imagining for months.

Now that we have a level building, we can also really start making headway on putting it all back together. And we've already started to gather some momentum. New wiring has been laid ready for modern low energy lighting, water heating systems and mechanical ventilation. Interior and exterior insulation and sound proofing work is well underway to significantly improve energy efficiency (to meet our environmental sustainability goals) and comfort/privacy for guests (to meet our goals around guest experience). The new windows have been installed, quad pane no less (look at us all hoity toity) that will again help us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring that guests have superior protection from the outside world they are trying to escape in their hotel room (let's be honest, if they wanted to be exposed to draughts and noises they'd probably be camping).

And while that's all exciting enough... there's more. The new exterior finishes are starting to be put into place. The new front facade, exterior trims and guttering are all being installed. It's going to take us a couple of weeks to get all the exterior finishes fully installed but we're starting to really get an idea of what the finished building will look like from the outside.

And soon, the interiors will be moving along at full speed too! There's going to be more of this story to share in the near future as the pace of visible work increases and we prepare to open the doors. Exciting times ahead!

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